Friends of Women in Apologetics

“For many years now, I’ve been writing about the need in the apologetics community for diversity and depth. There are many “million dollar” apologists, well known and oft-requested. But the world needs a million “one dollar” apologists even more than it needs one more “million dollar” apologist. Each of us has been gifted by God to reach a particular group, at a particular time, for a particular reason. Most of us won’t become professional, full-time apologists. Instead we’ll learn how to engage the culture as effective “tent-making” Christian Case Makers. The women of the WIA have been making an important contribution for some time now, many as tent-making, one dollar apologists (just like me). I encourage you to visit their website today to get a sense for the amazing growth they’ve experienced. The fastest growing community of Christian Case Makers may very well be women.” – J. Warner Wallace, Cold Case Christianity

“I cannot think of an organization that is more desperately needed than WIA. I highly recommend that every qualified Christian woman who is concerned about the future of our children and our country join this crucial organization dedicated to defending the Christian faith.” ~ Dr. Norman Geisler, Veritas Evangelical Seminary

“Finally a society for women with a passion to share the gospel and defend the faith! WIA is filling a void in the church by equipping women to engage in the frontline battle for the hearts and minds of those seeking the truth. The marshaling of this neglected segment of the body of Christ is an encouraging step towards overrunning false ideologies and sending shivers down the spine of Christianity’s most feared antagonists.” ~ Joseph Holden, President of VES

“It is time for evangelical Christian women to step into their calling as the spiritual trainers of the next generation, (Proverbs 22:6). The International Society of Women in Apologetics is a ministry that has been formed for the purpose of coming alongside these women, to encourage and equip them to fulfill that call. I heartily recommend WIA to the contemporary church, as well as each individual woman who wants to ensure that her children are life-long believers in Christ.” Pastor Don Stewart, Co-host of the Pastor’s Perspective show on KWAVE radio

“For too long, apologetics has been almost exclusively the domain of men. But the biblical command to be ready to give a reason for our hope was intended for everyone. Indeed, women have a strategic role in that task. That’s why I’m thankful for WIA. Not only are they encouraging women toward apologetics, they’re also equipping them defend the faith. I can’t wait to see the long-term impact WIA will have on women in our churches.” ~ Brett Kunkle, Student Impact Director, Stand to Reason

“The work that WIA is doing to connect, train, and equip women to understand and defend the faith is essential. I want to commend them as an excellent resource for leaders who want to bring apologetics into their local church and community.” ~ Brian Auten, founder of Apologetics315 and director of Reasonable Faith Belfast

“WIA distinguishes itself from the numerous ephemeral apologetics groups popping up these days by its committed leadership, its solid foundation in biblical truth, and its dedication to sound academic underpinnings, promising it a long fruitful existence. It does not cut corners for the sake of polemics, and it stands on its own feet as it provides help for anyone interested in promoting good apologetics. But WIA also gives the opportunity for those to be heard whose voices are often drowned out by louder ones. Thereby WIA enhances the total spectrum of apologetics resources and will undoubtedly make a large contribution to the thoughtful side of apologetics in coming years.” Dr. Win Corduan, Professor Emeritus of Philosophy and Religion at Taylor University

“The International Society of Women in Apologetics is not only a timely ministry but vital in contemporary society. We need more women—worldwide, to rise and join the ranks of the female Christian apologist. Many women in the church today think they’re not fit for such a role. Here we must remember that the command in 1 Pet. 3:15 “to be ready always to give a defense” if for all believers, including women. Moreover, apologetics is simply more than theology and philosophy; it also includes ethics and bioethical issues such as abortion, human cloning, and physician assisted suicide, etc. These are areas in much need of solid Christian thinking. I couldn’t recommend this Society enough.” ~ M. Nick Keehus, Author of Jesus: Is He the Messiah of Israel? and Host of “From LA to Jerusalem” KKLA 99.5 FM, Los Angeles.

“I believe that all Christians are called to be apologists. The idea that men alone are to carry out this task is neither rooted in scripture or reality. Christianity needs women defenders of the faith in today’s post-modern society more than it ever has before. I’m extremely thankful that the WIA is on the forefront of the apologetics movement and that these women are not afraid to give their hearts, voices, and minds to serving God through apologetics ministries.” ~ Greg West, Apologist and Blogger at The Poached Egg

“The Bible teaches that every Christian needs to be prepared to give “a reason for the hope that is in you” (see 1 Peter 3:15-16). Obviously, this means that both men and women need apologetic training. The International Society of Women in Apologetics is a supportive, encouraging, and thoughtful environment for women in particular to become apologetically prepared. I encourage you to get connected, because the friendships and training from the WIA will strengthen your own faith and prepare you well for conversations about God in the workplace, with friends, and with your family.” ~ Carson Weitnauer, RZIM

“The team at WIA understands so well how to equip Christian women to confidently answer tough questions about the faith—whether it’s a challenge from a skeptical friend at work, an honest inquiry at a family gathering, or a thoughtful child’s question after church. I’m excited about what my sisters are doing to contend for the faith, equip the saints, and advance the cause of Christ in today’s world.” ~ Mikel Del Rosario, Apologetics Professor, Speaker and Trainer,

“Because of the increasing intellectual attacks against Christianity, I believe we are heading into a new age for the church—the age of the apologist. That is why I am so excited that the women of WIA are stepping up to play a major role in the apologetics movement that is spreading around the world. My passion is to start apologetics ministries on college campuses, but as a female apologists working with Ratio Christi at Rutgers University said, “If every mom got fired up about apologetics and applied it to their kids, we would not have so much work to do on university campuses. The kids would be leading the Ratio Christi groups by the time they made it to the university!” It is my opinion that there is no better group to reach out to all women than WIA.” ~ Rick Schenker, Former President of Ratio Christi

“The International Society for Women Apologists provides a unique ministry opportunity for women who wish to learn to defend their Christian faith. It connects women together in a fellowship that not only brings one closer to Jesus Christ emotionally but intellectually also. That fellowship prepares them to confidently share the reasons they have for their hope in a dying world.” ~ Luke Nix, Faithful Thinkers

“My wife loves Apologetics. It was of the greatest importance to her when our daughter died a few years ago. Those dark days when we knew she was dying and we asked ourselves “Why do we believe what we believe? Is God really there? Why do young babies die?” These are all critical answers we need in times of strife. Women all over the world need Apologetics for comfort, for understanding, for assurance; and who better to bring that to them than other women. But how will these women minister, hone their knowledge, understand the pitfalls and learn to reach out to others unless they have WIA, the only apologetics organization focused on women apologists today? ~ Neil Mammen