Member Events

Below are apologetics conferences and events involving some of WIA’s members:

2017 Member Events


  • The C.S. Lewis Institute’s first Greater Washington Women’s Apologetics Conference, “Conversations that Count” on October 20 & 21, 2017. The featured speaker is Amy Orr-Ewing and the Emcee is Jana Harmon. For more information, visit the C.S. Lewis institute event page.


  • Tuesday, September 5th at 8 pm CST: Hillary Morgan Ferrer, Natasha Crain and Alisa Girard Childers will be interviewed by CrossExamined’s Jorge Gil for a Facebook Live event on the Facebook page. The live event is called “Successful Women in Apologetics.” They’ll be answering questions, talking about their ministries, how they got into apologetics, what it’s like to be a woman in apologetics, and how we can encourage MORE women to get involved in apologetics!