2018 Women in Apologetics Conference


Within the Church there are passionate women of God who serve, worship, and love God with all their hearts and minds. God desires for us to love Him with our whole being and experience a deeper relationship with Him. This January, join Women in Apologetics as we host our first apologetics conference–in partnership with Biola University’s Apologetics Department, Intelligent Faith, and Mama Bear Apologetics. We will wrestle with the tough questions and help equip you to minister to doubting skeptics and struggling Christians. We welcome women to join the conversation!



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Under the excellent leadership of Elizabeth Urbanowicz, Samantha Hawley, and students from Biola’s Education Department, we are proud to offer a special apologetics training day for kids on Saturday, January 20th! Kids in grades 3-6 will engage in a variety of activities that will help them think through what Truth is, how they can learn Truth, and how Truth applies to their lives. During the training students will explore questions such as:

— What is Truth?

— Is knowing the truth important?

— What does God’s Word teach us about Truth and lies?How can I figure out what is true?

— Is the Truth true for everyone?

A boxed lunch will be provided if requested, but please note that fruit snacks, Goldfish crackers, and apple juice will be provided mid-morning and mid-afternoon. Please bring separate snacks for your child if they have any allergies to the snacks provided, thank you! WIA Kids will be in the same building as the breakout sessions and is an easy, 1-min walk from where the main conference is taking place in Calvary Chapel. The conference and WIA Kids have the same start and end times thus, the teachers will be there early to receive your child so you can find a good seat at the conference, and will remain with your child until you come to pick them up. Every WIA Kids teacher has received a full background screening and are clear. All of our instructors teach for a living, so they understand the importance of safety and security. Your child is in good hands and you are welcome to check in on your child.

We have limited space, so make sure to register your child (or children) today!

If you have questions about WIA Kids, please direct them to elizabeth.r.urbanowicz@gmail.com. Thank you!



What is often missing from apologetics conferences? Worship! While we are loving God with our minds, we should not neglect to worship God with our hearts. This is why we are excited to have the talented Alisa Childers (formerly of ZOEgirl) lead us in worship at the conference!



We are excited to have Christian artist, Aryn Michelle, who will be performing a few songs from her new concept album, “The Realest Thing,” on Saturday, January 20. She has done an amazing job of incorporating apologetics into her music and you will not want to miss it! Her music is thought-provoking and beautiful.



FRI , JAN 19

5:30-6:30pm │ Registration

6:30 pm │ Doors Open

7-7:45 pm│ Welcome, Announcements, Introductions, and Worship

7:50-8:35  pm│ Mary Jo SharpResponding to the Intolerance of the New Tolerance

8:50-9:35 pm│ Natasha CrainEquipping the Next Generation With a Confident Faith

9:35-10:00 pm│ Book Giveaway, WIA Kids Announcement, Final Word, Closing Prayer, and Dismissal


AM Schedule

7:00-8:00 │ Registration

8:00 │ Doors Open

8:30-9:10 │ Welcome, Announcements, Introductions, and Worship

9:15-10:00 │ Melissa Cain TravisMere Creation: Engaging the Scientific Skeptic

10:15-11 │ Breakout Classes

  • Calvary Chapel–Marilyn Joy TynerEvidence for the Resurrection: The Top Apologetic for the Christian Faith
  • BUS RM 105–Julie LoosStrategic and Targeted: How Apologetics Should Inform our Prayer Life
  • BUS RM 201–Laurie Stewart/Claudia KalmikovWhat is Truth and Why Should We Care?
  • BUS RM 202–Angela Paris NwankuduThe Rocks Cry Out: How Archaeology Attests to the Bible

11:15-12 │ Breakout Classes

  • Calvary Chapel–Abigail CarreonReaching University Students: Considering the Questioner Behind the Question
  • BUS RM 105–Jade TurnerJesus in Islam: Messenger or Messiah?
  • BUS RM 201–Jane PantigWhat Does it Meme: Introduction to Informal Fallacies
  • BUS RM 202–Lisa QuintanaRethinking ‘For the Bible Tells Me So’: Why We Can Trust the Bible

PM Schedule

12-1:15 │ Free Buffet Lunch

1:20-1:40 │ Aryn MichelleThe Realest Thing mini-concert

1:45-2:15 │ Hillary Morgan FerrerDiagnosing Doubt: Understanding and Overcoming Hidden Obstacles to Faith

2:35-3:20 │ Breakout Classes

  • Calvary Chapel–Alisa ChildersAlmost the Real Thing: How Progressive Christianity Has Hijacked the Gospel
  • BUS RM 105–Jean E. JonesApologetics in the Psalms: Curses, Doubts, and Dashed Babies
  • BUS RM 201–Dianna WilliamsDoes Christianity Oppress Women
  • BUS RM 202–Scarlett Clay, A Creative Defense: Using the Arts to Point to God

3:40-4:25 │ Q&A Panel: Melissa Cain Travis, Natasha Crain, Hillary Morgan Ferrer, Dianna Williams, and Laurie Stewart

4:25-4:35 │ Craig Hazen

4:35-4:50 │ Jade Turner and Alisa Childers: Love Offering and Special Worship

4:50-5:00 Rachel Shockey: Final Word, Closing Prayer, and Dismissal



Q: Will there be childcare?

A: Unfortunately we are unable to provide childcare at this conference. However, we invite you to register any child between the 3rd-6th grades for WIA Kids, our apologetics training for children. It is being held on Saturday, January 20, 2018 at Biola University. Registration for WIA Kids will be open soon!

Q: Will there be a mother’s room?

A: Yes, we will have a mother’s room where you can nurse or care for your little one. We will also be live streaming the keynote speakers directly onto the TVs in the room, so you won’t miss a thing!

Q: Will refreshments and snacks be provided?

A: We will provide water bottles to refresh you throughout the conference. There are a few Biola cafes within 1-minute of Calvary Chapel (where the main conference is taking place) and in the same building as the breakout sessions. The cafes have coffee, tea, fruit, danishes, meals, snacks, etc. for you to purchase.

Q: Can men attend?

A: Absolutely, we encourage everyone to attend! It is WIA’s mission to support and give a platform to women in the field of apologetics, so while all of our speakers are women, the conference is for both men and women!

Q: I want to bring my child to the conference and not WIA Kids, which ticket do I purchase?

A: Please select the “student” ticket for children and teens.

Q: I’m a student but don’t go to Biola University, can I select the “student” ticket?

A: Yes, the student ticket applies to all active students, regardless of school. It also applies to children and teens.




RACHEL SHOCKEY from WIAJADE TURNER from WIALAURIE STEWART from Intelligent FaithCRAIG HAZEN from Biola University


Click here for local accommodations near the conference at Biola University.


We cannot accomplish God’s work alone thus we are grateful for helping hands and hearts. We need volunteers to help before, during, and after the conference! If you’re interested in volunteering, please fill out the volunteer sign-up form.


Thank you for your interest in being a vendor at this event. Our vendor list is now full! We will be at Biola University for our second annual conference so, if you would like to apply for our 2019 conference, please email us at office@womeninapologetics.com. We will respond as soon as possible to your inquiry. Thank you!