10 Reasons Every Parent Should Advocate for the Awana Apologetics Curriculum at Their Church

By Hillary Morgan Ferrer

10 Reasons Every Parent Should Advocate for the Awana Apologetics Curriculum at Their Church

As Mama Bear apologists, one of our greatest pleasures is seeing parachurch organizations recognize the need for youth apologetics training. For anyone unfamiliar with my personal journey, our head pastor did two series when I was in 7th grade that changed my life: C.S. Lewis’ trilemma (i.e. was Jesus a liar, a lunatic, or Lord?) and evidences for the resurrection, where he went through every alternate theory proposed by skeptics and dismantled each argument. I was in 7th grade friends, SEVENTH GRADE! 12 years old, and these two series literally changed my life. (And not just in hindsight–I KNEW even at that young age that this was something I’d never heard before. My hands furiously scribbled notes as I sat on the edge of my seat each week.)

I understand the impact early apologetics training makes on a young person’s faith, because it is an integral part of my story. Thus, I consider it a privilege when Mama Bear is sent youth apologetics curricula for review. But, we am not willing to endorse it until we have given it a thorough perusal. So, when the Executive Director of Awana Youth Ministries (AwanaYM) offered to send me the full leader’s guide to their new Advocates apologetics curriculum, I jumped at the opportunity! I didn’t promise anything but a fair review, and so far, I have been nothing but impressed. (You can see their website, watch a promo video, and download a sample unit here.)

I have always felt that youth are far more astute, and capable of handling topics than we give them credit for. I remember having a “stump the pastor” session at our old church in Dallas, and one of the 6th graders asking, “What is the difference between Gnosticism and Satanism?” If you think that they aren’t asking the tough questions till college, you are mistaken. This question came from an 11 year old. They are asking the questions addressed in this curriculum, and more! Based on the youth exodus research I have conducted over the last few years, I can say with full conviction that your church NEEDS this curriculum, and I have 10 reasons why:

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