What Can God Do for Me?

By Connie Cook

What Can God Do for Me?

Yesterday, I brushed past a Q & A with Ravi Zacharias on my way to another YouTube destination, but one of the questions a young lady asked him has stayed with me since then. Essentially, she wanted to know why Ravi would recommend God to a person who is happy the way she is without Him. In other words, “What can God do for me? What can He add to my experience?” And if the asker believes the answer to be, “Not much!  I don’t feel any need for what He has to offer!” then… why bother?

I didn’t stay long enough to hear Ravi’s answer.  But off and on all day, I thought about what I would say to her. I arrived at the conclusion that the only answer I would have for the young woman is that the starting point of, “What can it do for me?” is the wrong starting point.  Where a person needs to start when considering the question of “Why God?” or “Why Jesus?” (meaning, “Why should I believe what the Bible has to say about God/Jesus?”) is a place, not of, “Does it make me happy?” but, “Is it true?”

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