My Surrender That Became An Adventure

By Claudia Kalmikov

Thirty-two years ago, as I took my last final exam and walked out of Langsdorf Hall at Cal State Fullerton, I said, “I will never take another class again!!” I was so done. That was my plan. But it wasn’t God’s plan. Three years ago, after years of being a stay-at-home-mom, raising boys, and attending countless bible studies, I still hungered for more depth in terms of knowing God and getting answers to questions I’d always had. The Lord was stirring my heart. What came next, I never would have believed.

The Lord was speaking to me loud and clear in more ways than one. I felt I wanted and needed to get a Masters in Theology or some kind of Christian education. But I had huge reservations. Wait, no—I had fears. So one day I poured out my heart to the Lord. I spent a day in prayer and told Jesus, “I am scared!! I’m afraid I can’t do it! I’m afraid John won’t approve or support this commitment and I’m afraid I’ll miss out on all the traveling I like to do!” Then I heard Jesus ask me, “Claudia, if I could promise you that I would take care of all those fears, would you do it?” I said, “In a heartbeat!!” So I knew that I had to surrender my fears and my will to the Lord and enroll…

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