If Belief in Jesus is Required for Salvation, How is that Fair to Those Who Have Never Heard the Gospel?

By Claudia Kalmikov

This is a question I have heard numerous times over the years and that I have even asked myself and I did not know the answer. Why would God send people to Hell if they hadn’t heard about Jesus? What about people in third world countries? This is a question that people struggle with. I hope my answers here based on what I have learned while earning my MA in Apologetics can provide some clarity.

People at all times have had some revelation about God through the natural world around them and through God’s law written on their hearts. From these evidences, we should see that God exists and know something of His attributes and power. Seeing how the natural world works should make it obvious that there is a creator.

Also, in our hearts, we have a sense of “ought”. Of right and wrong. All of us do. Everyone knows that some things are right and others are wrong. When we do something wrong, our conscience tells us. This is apparent in all countries, everywhere on the earth. Everyone knows that murder is wrong. Author John Feinberg tells us that, “Everyone has enough revelation to know that there is a God, something of what He is like, and a sense of right and wrong…On judgment day, no one can tell God that he would have believed in God but had no idea whatsoever of His existence.” Man is without excuse.

In addition, God doesn’t just show us one form of revelation then stops. He continues it. He gives us ample evidence. For example, God gave the Jews the Mosaic Law. God sent His son Jesus into the world. In Hebrews 1:1-3 Jesus says that whoever has seen Him has seen the Father. Most Jews and Gentiles rejected God’s revelation of Himself in Jesus. But God continued to reveal Himself through the New Testament. So God has given the world several forms of revelation over the centuries that have been available to anyone who wants it…

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