Historical Apologetics

The “That’s What She Said” Project at WomenInApologetics.com

“There is nothing new under the sun”, wrote King Solomon in the book of Ecclesiastes (1:9). Thousands of years later, this is still the case as new thinkers trot out theories and ideas that are, in fact, old ideas with simply a different light shed on them. Modern apologists (meaning those who have entered the field since its revival about 60 years ago) owe most of their work to those who came before them. Occasionally, those in the past get remembered in a footnote or two, but what happens if a person who contributed to the field in the past was never acknowledged for their work in the first place? They become lost to history. This happened to many women in the field, not because women of the past were never interested in the intelligent side of the faith, but because they were denied a seat at the table of theological ideas for hundreds and hundreds of years, simply for being women. There have been many accounts throughout history of deep-thinking women of faith, yet until about ten years ago, the idea of women being Christian apologists was mostly unheard of. This is due to the fact that many in the past published anonymously, or under pseudonyms, or their works were simply ignored and not given the attention they deserved, simply because they were women in a field dominated by men.

When I started working in the field of historical apologetics last year, I was so shocked you could have pushed me over with a slight breeze when I found out there were women who did Christian apologetics before this generation came along. I was shocked because I considered myself a pioneer in the field for pursuing apologetics as a woman, even just 16 years ago. To my knowledge, there was maybe about ten of us at the time. Now due to the ministry of ISWA, and these other ten women, there are more and more starting to pop up everyday, and there are at least fifty of us who use the term apologist, and many, many more who simply practice it without an official title. We owe a lot to the women of the past who went toe-to-toe with men like Hume, Strauss, Tindal, Darwin, and others, and it’s time they got their due.

That is what this project at WomenInApologetics.com is all about. It’s about introducing the world to these forgotten women, these unsung heroines of historical apologetics. I have been researching all about these women, and reading and working on their books for the past six months, and as I continue into the future, will be posting their bios, works, and links to any pertinent information regarding them, in this section of the site. Currently I have about 15 of them, and will post them as time allows over the next semester. I am hoping to continue this work far into the future, as I truly believe that putting a spotlight on the women of the past that stepped courageously into this arena may encourage women of the future to do the same.

If you have any questions regarding this project or anything else, please contact us!