Four Reasons to Read Your Bible Daily in 2017

By Lori Morrow

Four Reasons to Read Your Bible Daily in 2017

Now that we’ve climbed over the halfway point of January, we’ve reached the point at which our New Year’s Resolutions start losing their luster. The collective affinity for turning over a new leaf begins to turn itself off rather quickly. After only a couple of weeks, we start to shed our newly-resolved skin, resulting in a notoriously ineffective system of personal change. According to, only about 9% of people feel that they successfully keep their resolutions.

We desire change, and annually pursue it, but with results which are often scattered and scarce. Why?

Might I suggest that our stubborn drive for self-improvement simply echoes the soulish dissatisfaction in this life which causes us to yearn for so much more? Similarly, I suspect our tendency to fix what’s broken, to restore something to its intended purpose, or to wrest something good out of an otherwise bad situation simply reflects, in small ways, our need for redemption. Biblical redemption, by definition, illustrates the greatest degree of change possible within the human experience. So if we want change, maybe we should consult the one resource whose central purpose is lifelong, life-giving change. Therefore, I’d like to encourage all of us this year to pursue a New Year’s Revelation, instead of a New Year’s resolution. The Bible is God’s means of renewing our minds, so that we can restyle our lives. Here are 4 reasons to read your Bible in 2017:

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